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Services to the Communities from Marriage Hall India .com
This e-voting portal is neither controlled by GOI or State Govt nor suggested by them.

♦ Free : Register of members. The Community Organisation can maintain records of their members for free of cost.

♦ Salient features.

♦ Self registration by members.
♦ Any Organisation Body can avail e-voting facility ( Chargeable service ).
♦ Secrete voting. No one can identify who has voted for whom. Guess work will not work here.
♦ Voter's image capturing on every vote posting.
♦ All data recording and initiation & closing of voting activities through the data punching in various forms.
♦ Separate controlling excess to Organisation's Admin and to each contesting party's Admin & other features.
♦ Separate controlling excess to election officers to start, stop, pause the voting process & to declare result & other features.

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Application for keeping 'Register of Members' on MHI site.     Free of cost service
Edit your application for starting Register of Members and check approval status.
Application view for MHI web admin
1. xyzKOKO Samaj Sanghtan, Nagpur
2. xxx GOLD Housing Society
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