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About www.safeevote.com

The safeevote.com is managed by the Sopa Enterprises, Nagpur, for conducting the entire election activities.
The entire activities are through net services. However, the voting can be held using intranet or internet.

There are many people involved in hacking and net scam talks. But, did they stop their netbanking activities... Did they stop ERPs in their own organisation..
Since, the answer is no, one can trust the e voting once the process is understood.
We believe that once the proper software program is made with the required interlocks it works to give the desired results with accuracy, integrity and loyalty.
The secrete e-voting/e-survey procedure through internet by using mobile-desktop-laptop-iPad-tablet having camera or though intranet with the interlinked computer software programs which will be ensuring fair election process and will build the trust on technology.
The software file name, date of updating software file on web-server before voting and after declaring of result can be verified. If everything is found unchanged then it means fair election process is completed.
A trial voting for say 20+ members can be tried before final voting. The e-voting setup covers multiple activities-- Member’s registration, nominating admin for party/panel, Organisation , Election officer and polling agents; The 1st and 2nd nominators of the contestants; Approving members, contestants , party name, symbol by admins; Making the schedule which will interlock activities that takes place during entire election process; E-voting, secrete vote storage in random table, counting , displaying all the required data appropriately.
The voting process which is being practised during Society, Community/Caste organisation’s election, Labour union’s elections, Employee union’s elections, Federation election, and in Municipality, Gram panchayat, and various elections can be met at safeevote.com
The ballet boxes, ballet papers and electronic voting machines are not required.
The system for effective use of front camera fitted hardware device desktop or laptop or smart phone, or tablet supported by software programs is ensuring the secrete and safe voting process.
Background :-
We know ballot box voting, ballot paper/vote counting, counting the raised hands, Lok Sabha voice voting, KBC (TV program)voting pad to select A,B,C, or D , and the electronic voting machine and their multiple drawbacks - before voting, during voting, after voting and during the vote count.
You will never know what is getting stored in data base of the electronic machines and can’t it prove on 100% machines. The Losers are still finding the opportunities to blame the voting mechanism. Seeing is believing… as one cannot see inside the voting machines. E-voting can put full checks on existing malpractices and at the same time will reduce cost of voting, reduction in post-election security cost of ballet boxes or machines. We don’t need multiple machines if number of candidates or posts are more. Management of cost of ballet paper voting or electronic voting machine; procurement , testing, security, malpractices, etc, could be the past stories.
Objects / Objectives :-
To controlling huge recurring cost of election process year after year and building the trust among voters and contestants and to save the time that is being spent on election process. The most important is justice to the voters. The entire process may have the greater interest of the masses.
Note- So far we have not used this software for any real election.
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